Secret Tips: Summoners War

Summoners War is a gaming app created by Com2uS which is a Korean company. They’ve formerly created games like Divine Girls & Kung Fu Pets, however Summoners War is undoubtedly their biggest success in the gaming market till date. In this game, you play as a strong wizard who lives on a floating landmass. You need to battle in order to Mana Crystals. These are the powerful stuffs which allow you to control different summon monsters.

Understand the 3 major features of all the monsters

Yellow is not as strong as red, whereas blue is not as strong as yellow & blue is stronger than red. Here you need to have a right variation. Understanding the flow can allow you to develop a good plan during every stage.

Social points

You need to improve your gaming account through social points. This can be done by adding others as your friends & then use their primary card during the battle. Naturally, you have to do this by encouraging others to use your personal card. For this, it is crucial for you to set your most powerful card as the spearhead in order to give others a huge hand in beating their rivals.

Add maximum friends

As mentioned above, you will receive social points if you play the game with others. You’ll need to have more and more friends so that you have a decent friend amount in order to win tough fights. You can do this by requesting everybody to add you as their friend or simply visiting various portal similar to this website & dropping there a request or comment that you’re looking for new friends to participate in this game.

Use Summoners War Hack

Features: Summoners War Hack

Glory Points

With Glory points, you can gain a number of bonuses. These include mystical scrolls, angel-mons, buildings which offer buffs & unknown scrolls.

Unlimited Crystals

Get Premium packs, Mana Stone, & EXP Boosters. Also, you can improve your energy with the crystals.

Anti-ban Feature

The anti-ban feature will make sure that your account stay protected all the time. This allows you to enjoy the game like never before.

Although, Summoners War may seem like just another freebie scam if you look at the description part of the game, it’s in fact a rich and comprehensive 3D battle game & you won’t see anything like this in the Play Store. Even during lower levels, you can play for several hours, train your monsters to help them grow into a dominant fighting force & fight other groups. For an additional fun, you are able to connect with an online guild for making new friends as well as advance your game to a new level. And obviously, you can create your personal island as per your needs. Our aim here is to offer our visitors with the greatest Summoners War strategies for helping them get the best possible resources to dominate the game in true sense.